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Musical by Gretchen Stainbrook Givens ’65 premiers in Bay Area

In their most recent collaboration, Givens and a lifelong friend create Esperanza, which follows a jaded travel writer who embarks on some of the adventures she writes about and who is transported to a world of romance and pirate ships.

The Mercury News, May 24, 2016

Composer Cheryl Leonard, MA ’96, “gives chills” to her audience

Inspired by her recordings of melting ice in Antarctica and the Arctic Circle, Leonard performs a score to the sound of live dripping icicles as part of an exhibition on alpine and polar landscapes in art., April 28, 2016

Cheena Marie Lo, MFA ’12, debuts book of poetry on natural and social disasters

In A Series of Un/Natural/Disasters, Lo uses disconnected phrases drawn from documentation on Hurricane Katrina and other natural disasters to characterize both the physical wreckage and the social inequities that come to light in an event’s aftermath.

East Bay Express, April 27, 2016

Choreographer Danny Nguyen, MFA ’99, pays tribute to Vietnamese “boat people”

Performed by his students, Nguyen’s new work tells the story of the fall of Saigon, during which he himself fled bombs, struggled to help feed his family, and made a harrowing escape by boat as a child refugee.

East Bay Times, April 27, 2016

Amy X Neuburg, MFA ’89, premieres “Hunger Strike” for the San Francisco Chamber Orchestra

In a 30-minute song cycle that is “by far her most ambitious undertaking,” Neuburg combines her vocal and electronic music techniques with traditional instrumentation while tackling the subject of prisoner rights.

The Mercury News, April 26, 2016

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