The AAMC is managed by the Board of Governors, whose current membership is listed below. Each governor serves a three-year term. The board's president and three alumnae trustees also serve on the Mills College Board of Trustees, ensuring that alumnae have a voice in all key decisions about the College.

Read more about the governance of the association in the ByLaws of the AAMC (pdf), learn about the association's relationship with the College in the 2007 Memorandum of Agreement, and view the scheduled meetings of the Board of Governors and the AAMC. For more information, call 510.430.2110 or email aamc@mills.edu.

Nominate Board of Governors members and officers by April 9, 2017

Governors attend four board meetings annually, chair board committees, and participate and volunteer in board-sponsored activities throughout the year. They each serve a three-year term. To nominate yourself or another individual for the 2017–20 term that begins July 1, please email Nominating Committee Chair Pierre Loving ’77 at aamc@mills.edu with your recommendation and the nominee’s contact information by April 9, 2017. (If you nominate someone other than yourself, please be sure to obtain that individual’s consent first.) The committee will send the nominee an application form.

2016–2017 Board of Governors

Term began July 1, 2016


Viji Nakka-Cammauf, MA ’82

Vice President

Marina Kershaw Simenstad ’68


Dorothy Lawrence ’11

Alumnae Trustees

Judith James ’74, July 2014–June 2017
Susan Ardisson ’77, July 2015–June 2018
Yvonne Payne Daniel, MA ’75, July 2016–June 2019

Board Members

Lynette Castille-Hall ’75
Gloria Fangon-Hitz ’80
Adrienne McMichael Foster ’74
Catherine Ladnier ’70
Kirstyne Lange ’12
Pierre Loving ’77
Alexa Pagonas ’91
Lilly Sylvester Sahagun ’10, MA ’12
Lucy Caponio Seereiter ’77
Linda Stingily ’78
Lenore Tate ’74
Susan Thomas ’80
Nikole Hilgeman Adams (Alumnae Relations Liaison)

Lifelong Members

Leah Hardcastle Mac Neil, MA ’51