AAMC membership is free, easy, and automatic! As soon as the class with which you are affiliated graduates, you are an alumna. (This is contingent upon your having successfully completed a semester's worth of credits.)

What benefits do I get as an alumna?

All alumnae receive the Mills Quarterly free of charge, the (e)ucalyptus email newsletter, invitations to Reunion, and the opportunity to participate in a number of programs offered for alumnae. You are also eligible for a free alumna email address and an account on the online Mills College Alumnae Community.

Your AAMC membership card gives you access to the Mills College library, pool, fitness center, and discounts at some performances on campus. Read more about services and benefits for alumnae.

How do I get an AAMC membership card?

Call 510.430.2110 to request that one be sent to you or stop by Reinhardt Alumnae House during business hours.