Committee Reports
Committee reports are available online.
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These committees, chaired by members of the AAMC Board of Governors, develop the association's programs and support the work of the board. If you are interested in learning more about a specific committee or participating in its mission, please contact the chair.

Alumnae Awards Committee

Mission: To recognize and honor the outstanding contributions of Mills alumnae.

Chair: Susan Ardisson ’77

Alumnae of Color Committee

Mission: To foster retention and recruitment of alumnae, students, faculty, and administrators of color; to serve as a force for change, confronting racism, prejudice, and discrimination; to support a thriving, multicultural Mills community where people of color are valued and empowered as full participants.

Co-Chairs: Lynette Castille-Hall ’75 and Connie Swan Davidson ’69

Alumnae Student Relations (ASR) Committee

Mission: To sponsor programs that help create a positive relationship between students and the AAMC. This ongoing relationship encourages students to become supportive and active members of the AAMC when they become alumnae.

Chair: Viji Nakka-Cammauf, MA '82

Branch-Club Committee

Mission: To build a strong, active, global network of Mills alumnae who have positive feelings about Mills College and the AAMC by establishing a mutually beneficial relationship between the AAMC Board of Governors and the regional branches/clubs. The Board of Governors will continue to work collegially with the Alumnae Relations staff, as well as forge its own independent relationship with branches/clubs.

Chair: (vacant)

Communications Committee

Mission: To act both strategically and tactically to facilitate best practices in building formal and informal communication channels between and among the AAMC and its stakeholders (including but not limited to alumnae, regional clubs, and the College) to help the AAMC achieve its mission.

Chair: (vacant)

Finance Committee

Mission: To facilitate the development of the annual AAMC budget, to insure adherence to the budget, to oversee the investment fund, and to review the annual audit.

Chair: Susan Thomas '80

Graduate Committee

Mission: To create programs to address the interests and needs of graduate alumnae/i.

Co-chairs: Lilly Sylvester Sahagun ’10, MA ’12 and LaTasha Warmsley ’10

Lifelong Learning Committee

Mission: To create programming, classes, and lectures that address topics alumnae are interested in learning more about and the life/professional issues that alumnae are experiencing today. The programs serve as a vehicle for alumnae to reconnect with the College, the AAMC, and each other.

Chair: Lynda Campfield ’00, MA ’02

Nominating Committee

Mission: To identify candidates for the Board of Governors and board officers and to submit those candidates to the Board of Governors for vote. The Nominating Committee also facilitates the annual election of the Alumna Trustee.

Co-Chairs: Pierre Loving ’77 and Susan Thomas ’80

Resource Development Committee

Mission: To plan, develop, and implement programs and events to generate operating monies for the AAMC. 

Chair: Dawna Williams '13

Travel Committee

Mission: To create a travel program providing an opportunity for continuing education and expansion of knowledge through experience; too provide a group opportunity drawn together by an interest in Mills College; to reinforce a positive image for Mills College; and to bring in revenue to the AAMC endowment fund.

Chair: Lucy Do '75

For information about the Class Secretaries Program, visit the Mills College online alumnae community.